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Northern New England's Canine Freestylers

Our club members take training seriously, but we know how to have fun too!

Trifecta! 2018

Trifecta! 2018

Dancing Paws of Maine is an organization devoted to promoting and supporting the sport of canine musical freestyle, commonly referred to as "dancing with dogs" and related activities such as trick dog training, Rally-FrEe and drill team routines in Maine and occasionally beyond, through video and live events, workshops, and demonstrations. Our members, who have competed successfully (titled) in freestyle and Rally-FrEe, embrace training through positive reinforcement. We view our canine partners as working members of the freestyle team whose abilities and limitations are honored in the choreographic process.

We welcome new members who would like to join us in our journey.

For general inquiries or questions, please feel free to email us at

All photos courtesy of Dancing Paws memberS and Sarah Walsh